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Hydro Tek Stationary Recovery Systems for Facilities or Wash Bays


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   The RPFE1 stationary recycle systems features the simplicity and dependability of filter cartridges that can be cleaned or replaced. 
   The RMME2 stationary recycle system is an automated, multi-media recycle system for industrial and professional cleaning.

   RPFE1: Replaceable cartridge, filter system   


The RPFE1 stationary recycle systems features the simplicity and dependability of filter cartridges that can be cleaned or replaced. It is ideal for exterior, non-detergent washing of equipment at rental yards, auto repair, detail shops, or for contractors who have a wash bay and single or multi-stage sump pit to recover wash water runoff. The PFE features 3-stages of inclined gravity separation with easy to access sludge drains. Two separate stages of oil separation and three stages of pleated filtration, including a carbon impregnated stage to remove odors and hydrocarbons plus a chlorine injector to control bacteria growth.


  • Waste water process rate up to 6gpm 6 stage filtration process, up to 5 micron
  • Automatic chlorinator
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Light oil separation
  • Rust-proof stainless frame
  • 200 gallon cleaned-water tank, auto water fill




   RMME2: Automated back flush multi-media wash water recycle system  


The RMME2 stationary recycle system is an automated, multi-media recycle system for industrial and professional cleaning. For durability, it is constructed using high grade industrial filters and components. Wash water is clarified through a three stage separator and polypropylene oil coalescing biometric spheres. Water quality is enhanced through column style multimedia water filtration and ozone injection exterminates odor problems. It is designed to treat medium to heavy loads of wash water and will automatically back flush solids and oils for increased performance and less maintenance. The use of quick release detergents are recommended for enhanced water quality.  It can be utilized in a wash environment for closed loop, wash water reuse or for discharge to the sewer with proper permits. Ideal for maintenance and rental yards, diesel truck and equipment repair facilities, military bases and municipalities.


  • Waste water process rate up to 10gpm, 5 micron final polishing
  • Automatic back flush and pH monitor Pre-filtration three cell clarification
  • Hydrocarbon & solids separation
  • Polypropylene oil coalescers
  • Multi-media filter 225 lbs. (advanced media)
  • Carbon filter 200 lbs. (degassed)
  • On demand water supply for power washer
  • Ozone treatment, 12 grams per day
  • Rust-proof stainless frame
  • 270 gallon cleaned-water tank, auto water fill with air gap


   RMME2-R4T: Fully automated, up to 10-12gpm process rate:
Includes additional R4TE1 oil/water/solids separator module for 7-stage pre-separation,520 gallon clarifier tanks with fully automatic dump valves, oil decanter tank and
   additional 270 gallon cleaned-water storage tank for a total of 540 gallons. (2 scfm, 100psi air required, stainless frame optional)


   R4TE1: Automated solids separator & oil skimmer system  

This clarifier is the best above ground oil water separator for use in pre-treatment or waste water recycling. Maximize water clarity through flow controlled pre-separation.  The quad, slant-bottom, tank system is automated with timed air actuated dump valves which remove solids. Hydrocarbons are automatically removed by skimming to a collection chamber. Biometric spheres allow for coalescing
of oils and settling of solids prior to exiting the tanks. This system is typically used independently as a pre-stage separator for sewer discharge or can be added to any existing recycle system on site. Should you be a heavy solids producer and there is inadequate
settling time, the use of these clarifier systems is advised. (2 scfm, 100 psi air required)


  •    120v, 10amp

  •    Hydrocarbon skimmer & solids separation

  •    Fully automated discharge pump

  •    Automated purging - Four air controlled, programmable 2 dump valves

  •    Self sufficient & maintenance free

  •    Includes oil/water separator collection tank (AST00)

  •    Dimensions: 61 x 44.5 x 86

  •    Optional stainless steel frame upgrade available


   AST00: Oil collection tank

The AST00 is available for all systems and is included with the R4TE1. This
is a gravity flow separation system, which utilizes oil over water separation for
oil removal and containment. Free floating oil is decanted with the water from
the tank high-level overflow skimmer line to the separation tank where the
water drains and traps the oil in the top half of the tank. When enough free
oil is collected the drain valve can be utilized to remove the oil to a bucket for
transportation to a waste oil container.










   ASBT4: Solids drain collection tank

Designed for use with all of the Hydro Loop systems as a means of collecting the settable solids in the separation tanks. This simplifies the containment and handling of the solids. When the drain valvesopen the solids are guided, by installed plumbing, to discharge into a bag filter located inside the tank.  When full, the bag filter is easily removed for drying and handling or insert a spare filter that has already been cleaned. No moving parts to break or rolled filter media to constantly replace. (48Lx13wx25H)


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