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Hydro Tek Hydro Twister Roof Cleaner




   Hydro Tek is pleased to announce the NEW Roof Washer.  The newest surface cleaner from Hydro Tek is the ANTR1 Roof Cleaner.  Attach this accessory to a hot or cold
   pressure washer to remove algae, mildew, and dirt streaks from a roof.  Constructed of rust resistant stainless steel with an aluminum spray bar to ensure a long life of use,
   even in corrosive environments.

   Includes a pressure reduction valve, pressure gauge, non-marking wheels, and a ball valve to shut off water.  Wheel width and height are adjustable, without tools, for
   maximum impact on a variety of roof styles.

  •    24" deck width, Max. 4000 PSI, 6 GPM.  Use with cold or hot water up to 175F

  •    Quantity 2) #2.7 nozzles included.  Refer to the nozzle chart for compatibility of your pressure washer.  Additional nozzle sizes are available.


  •    ANTR1 Presure Adjustment  Pressure adjustment with gauge and water supply on/off ball valve on deck


  •    ANTR1 Slide Wheels   Slide wheels in or out to adjust width for different roof styles


  •    ANTR1 Pop Pins   Use pop pins to adjust height of deck, no tools needed



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