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Pressure-Pro Pro-ATV Series

Pictured Above:                                                                                                    Pictured Above: 
   CST050-Gator with AHR250-G Hose Reel,                                                             AST050-Gator with AHR100-1 Hose Reel,    
    RCS/G1050HH Roll Cage Skid Power Unit,                                                            RCS9E3027HG-TF Roll Cage Skid Power Unit
266693 Ag. Spray Gun, and 4465-1702  200'x 3/8" Yellow Ag. Hose                              KBP100 Tank Feed Unloader Bypass Return & Hose Assy
                                                                                                                                     *Gator ATV Not Included*    

    Pro-ATV Series

Specifications   Request Information




   Pro-ATV Skid units can be combined with various cold water pump/engine units to achieve a “Totally Self Contained” 50 gallon tank feed system. Available pressures from
   500 PSI to 4000 PSI and flow rates up to 10 GPM in gear, and direct drive configurations. Add the tank/skid model with desired equipment and options listed to design a
   custom Honda powered unit built to your specifications. All skids are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum which are chemical resistant and rustproof. These units mount
   quickly and securely into Gator, Rhino, Mule or other ATV vehicles.

   NOTE: All units are completely factory assembled, tested in the USA, and delivered ready to operate. 

   *RCS/E3027HG-TF Models come with standard accessories:

  • Gun/wand assembly w/ quick connects

  • 50′ high pressure hose w/ quick connects

  • Chemical injector assembly w/ quick connects

  • 4 color-coded QC spray nozzles

  • 1 color-coded QC chemical nozzle


   Dimensions: (with AHR100-1)
   38″W x 48″L x 44″H

   Dimensions: (with AHR250-G)
   38″W x 48″L x 49″H


   KBP100–  Tank Feed Unloader Bypass Return & Hose Assy. (CST050-GATOR already has Bypass)

   266693– Ag. Spray Gun, compare to JD9

   4465-1702– Ag. Hose, 3/8″, Yellow, Select 200’ or 400’ (Price is per foot)

   KTF100– Float Valve Assembly – (shuts water off when tank is full)

   KTD075– Tank Drain, 3/4″

   LWS100– Low Water Shutdown – (shuts engine off when water level is low)


   AHR100-1– GP Hose Reel with Hardware, 100′ x 3/8” maximum

   AHR200-1– GP Hose Reel with Hardware, 200′ x 3/8” maximum

   AHR250-1– Hosetract Hose Reel w/ Hardware, 250′ x 3/8” max.  (High Pressure Jumper Hose)

   AHR250-G– Hosetract Hose Reel w/ Hardware, 250′ x 3/8” max.  (Yellow AG Jumper Hose)

   AHR250-3– Titan S.S. Hose Reel with Hardware , 250′ x 3/8” max. 

   Call factory for more configurations. 




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