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Hydro Tek Muck Scupper & Sludge Pump

Muck Scupper and Sludge Pump- Pressure Washer Accessories


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   Turn your pressure washer into a sludge, slurry or water evacuation tool. Pressure energy from the spray of a pressure washer wand creates suction that pulls water, up to
   87gpm, through a heavy wall discharge hose. The Hydro Tek muck scupper connects to existing pressure washer wand quick connect coupler, no other tools required.
   Part number: ANS04 or ANS55.



  • Durable stainless steel scupper will not break, rust or corrode with heavy duty industrial use, will fit tight into corners, and can be used like a scraper to loosen muck.

  • Exclusive design works efficiently at an angle and performs up to 45% better than other sludge pumps.

  • Extract vertically up to two stories.

  • Extraction rate is up to 15 times the pressure washer flow rate.

  • Typical debris left in sump pits and troughs such as slurry and small gravel will easily flow out the discharge hose

  • Includes 15 of discharge hose, other hose lengths are available.



  • Flood recovery and clean up

  • Cleanout of car wash sump pits, settling tanks, and troughs

  • Drain fountains, ponds, and small pools for cleaning

  • This is also an alternative for a sump pump or similar to suck up sludge, mud, paint or chemicals without pump damage.







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