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IPC Eagle offers a variety of window cleaning solutions, including Pulex cleaning equipment,
HighRise automatic high rise window cleaning system and RODI (Reverse Osmosis Deionizing System) products.




Hydro Station

The Hydro Station is a portable, high production pure water system that works well as a solar panel cleaning system.


  • Solar Panels suffer from the exposition of various damaging types of weather, such as dirt, dust, pollution or algae.
  • Weather agents, as well as chemicals used while cleaning solar panels, can be very damaging and cause deterioration.
  • The damaging weather agents can work to prevent the sunís rays from filtering into the panelís cells and reduce solar performance and efficiency.
  • Pure water, however, with the Hydro Station, makes cleaning solar panels much easier, as the Hydro Station can produce up to 6 gallons per minute and can clean 5+ stories high.
  • With pure water being chemical-free, the solar panels will not suffer any deterioration from cleaning chemicals
  • Includes a 4-stage filtration system that includes reverse osmosis
  • The Hydro Station is easy to transport as well, as a standard trailer is able to transport it

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