Window Cleaning Tools & Equipment


IPC Eagle offers a variety of window cleaning solutions, including Pulex cleaning equipment,
HighRise automatic high rise window cleaning system and RODI (Reverse Osmosis Deionizing System) products.



Hydro Bottle Kit

The Hydro Bottle Kit makes pure water window cleaning easy as if offers pure water on-demand, just by shaking the bottle with tap water and DI resin.

The Hydro Bottle Kit comes with1 Hydro Bottle, 1 DI Resin Bag as well as 1 optional TDS meter

Hydro Bottle Instructions:

  • Remove DI resin bag from plastic bag
  • Place DI Resin bag inside Hydro Bottle
  • Fill with tap water up to about 1″ from the top
  • Shake to purify water or allow to sit overnight. TDS level should be under 10.


To be used with the Cleano

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