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SS Series
HD Series
SC Series
HP Series
SC-X Series
HN Series
SCU Series
SM Series
HSE Series
HSP Series
HS Series
HG Series
HAE Series
Hot Shot, Direct
Hot Shot, V-Belt
Hot Shot Gas 12v
Hot Shot 12v V-Belt
Hot Shot Diesel 12v DD
Hot Shot Diesel 12v VB
Pro SGF Series


Commercial & Industrial
Hot Water Pressure Washers & Trailer Units



Hydro Tek Pressure Washers & Trailer Units

SS Series: Mobile Wash Skids Compact, Gas Powered, Diesel Heated

HD Series Hot Water Pressure Washer Compact Portable Electric Powered, Diesel Heated


SC Series: Mobile Wash Skids Self-Contained, Gas Powered, Diesel Heated


HP Series:  Hot Water Pressure Washer - Portable Electric, Diesel Heated with Exceptional Heat Output

HP Series Commercial Hot Water Pressure Washers


SC-X Series : Diesel Powered, Diesel Heated for Extreme Duty


HN Series: Stationary Electric Powered, Natural Gas, LP or Diesel Heated


SCU Series: Gas Powered, Diesel Heated 2-Gun Systems


SM Series: Portable Hot Water Pressure Washer


ProTowWash: Trailer Series

Commercial T400 Portable Pressure Washer Trailer with 400 Gallon Tank

Tank Skid Mounted Series

Hydrotek Skid Mount Pressure Washers

Aquatic Invasive Species

Mi-T-M Pressure Washers & Trailer Units

HSE Series




HSP Series


HS Series


HG Series

HAE All Electric Series
Single Axle Trailers

Dual Axle Trailers


Water Transport Trailer


Pressure-Pro Pressure Washers & Trailer Units

Hot Shot Series Electric, Direct

Hot Shot Series Portable Gas, 12v, Direct

Hot Shot Series Portable Gas, 12v, V-Belt

Hot Shot Series Diesel, 12V, Direct


Hot Shot Series Diesel, 12V, V-Belt


Super Skid Gas Engine V-Belt Drive


Super Skid Diesel Engine V-Belt Drive



Hot Shot Tow-Pro Trailers



Pro-Super Skid Tow-Pro Trailers



Pro SGF Series





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