Window Cleaning Tools & Equipment


IPC Eagle offers a variety of window cleaning solutions, including Pulex cleaning equipment,
HighRise automatic high rise window cleaning system and RODI (Reverse Osmosis Deionizing System) products.





The High Rise is a completely self-contained, self-climbing window cleaning system for high rise buildings that can clean up to 33,600 square feet of windows an hour.


Key Features of the High Rise include:

  • 90% labor savings as the High Rise can travel at a rate of 35 feet per minute
  • Safe operation from the top of a building all done from a wireless remote control
  • Windows stay cleaner longer due to the use of pure water that does not need chemicals
  • Fast ROI for building owners
  • Travels up and down building with ease while using a guide wire
  • Cleans frames as well of glass, extending the life of the building
  • Can be transported from building to building with a standard trailer
  • 2, 3, 4 and 5 meter models
  • Cleans 14,160 to 33,600 square feet an hour
  • Used to clean buildings with 5+ stories

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